Diana van Daalen has practised law for more than 16 years, specialising in employment law and corporate law. Diana has extensive experience advising on matters of dismissal law (individual as well as collective redundancy), the position of company directors, co-determination law and its related rights, collective bargaining law, reorganisations, the employment (law) aspects of mergers and acquisitions, litigation in individual dismissal cases as well as advising and litigating in the matter of contracts, shareholders' agreements and joint venture agreements.

Diana started her career in 1997 as a lawyer with the firm of Dirkzwager advocaten in Arnhem, specialising in corporate law. On 1 January 2001, she moved to Houthoff Buruma in Amsterdam, where she worked in the Labour and Pension practice group.

Diana studied Dutch law at Utrecht University. In 2000, she followed the Grotius post-'doctoraal' programme in Employment Law. Diana is a lawyer trainer with the Professional Education Programme for lawyers. In 2013, Diana successfully completed the Grotius specialist training course in Corporate and Business Law. She is co-author of the guidebooks on "Personnel Management" and "Human Resource Management" used in higher professional education and is a regular contributor to legal journals. Diana is a member of the following specialised professional associations: the Amsterdam Association of Employment Law Attorneys and the Dutch National Association of Employment Law Attorneys.